Parts and Service



We have over 5000 sq. ft. of shop to better service you!   We install top of the line hitches (both bumper pull and gooseneck) and brake controls to make towing of your horse/cargo trailer easier and safer.  We can take care of all your trailer service needs from wiring problems to matting. We do it all!


Trailer Service Packages

Tandem Axle Trailers




$299 labor


Pigtail Wiring Harness

  1. Our Technician will test and inspect the wiring harness and its connector for corrosion and/or bent pins to ensure that all electrical components are operating properly - on their designated switches. If the pigtail harness is faulty it will need to be replaced for an additional charge of $45 before the rest of the inspection can be completed.

Wheel Bearings

  1. Trailer bearings are removed and inspected after cleaning.
  2. Bearings will be re-packed with new grease & re-installed with new seals.

Brakes (Customer will be notified during the Safety Service if brakes need to be replaced)

  1. The brake shoes are inspected by a Sundowner Technician for cracking, glazing or grease saturation and wear tolerance.
  2. Each magnet will be inspected for proper operation.
  3. Hubs and brake drums will be inspected for scoring and/or discoloration. Hubs will be lightly scuffed with an Emory cloth.
  4. Brakes will be adjusted for optimal performance.


  1. Trailer tires and the spare are inspected for weather cracking, age, irregular wear, and low tread depth. If necessary, advisement for replacement will be noted.

Axle Inspection

  1. Trailer axles are visually inspected for excessive wear and measured if necessary. (Torsion axles provide the trailers suspension) Leaf springs will be inspected if applicable.



$399 Labor


Standard Plus:

Safety Chains

  1. We will inspect the safety chains for any damage, identify any weak links and will inspect


  1. Our Technician will lube the coupler and check for smooth operation.

Breakaway System

  1. The breakaway switch is tested to make sure the trailer brakes engage when cable is removed.
  2. The breakaway cable itself is inspected for its integrity.
  3. The breakaway battery is load tested and replaced if found defective.

Trailer Lights

  1. All Exterior lights (e.g. running lights, turning signals, back up and brake lights) are tested to make sure they are all working properly;


  1. All Department of Transportation (DOT) tape and reflectors will be inspected. (GVWR 10,000lbs.+ and 80in+ wide)


  1. Hydraulic or electric jack system will be inspected. Manual jack will be checked for smooth operation.



$499 Labor

Premium Plus:


  1. All door and window latches will be lubed and tested for proper functionality; adjusted if necessary.

Door Hold Backs

  1. All door hold backs are inspected and replaced if necessary.

Wall Matting

  1. Vertical wall mats are inspected for tears and worn spots; repairs needed will be recommended by our Technician. 


  1. Roof will be visually inspected for any exposed seams, exposed rivets, or damaged sealant; recommendations will be made, as needed.

Floor and Frame (Wood and Aluminum)

  1. All “wood” floorboards will be inspected for dry rot and horizontal cracking to prevent failure while hauling.
  2. “Aluminum” floors are carefully inspected for corrosion and possible weak spots.
  3. Our Technician will inspect the frame of the trailer to ensure the structural integrity of the frame member.