How to Buy a Horse Trailer

Important Things to Look For:

  • Doors and Feed Doors — Are they made by the trailer manufacturer (better fit) or purchased by them (can leak, not a tight fit)?
    Roof Vents in Horse Area Are they framed out or hanging exposed (sharp edges)?
  • Running Boards — How wide are they? Do you have to turn your foot to get in or out of the trailer (not good)? The wider the better!
  • Fender Wall — Is it well protected with a rubber trim or is it an exposed sharp edge?
  • Bumper Pull Tongue — How long is it? The shorter it is the more likely you will turn too tight and dent the front.
  • Gooseneck - Does the steel support stop under the neck (weak point) or does it attach to the body (much safer)? How large are the windows in the nose?
  • Dividers - Do they rattle when in the closed position or is it quiet?
  • Sharp Edges -- Are there any sharp edges on the trailer? Horse Area? Outside? The smoother the better!
  • Construction - Are the walls single (likely to dent) or double walled?

There are many other important qualifying features that count. This is a great shopping checklist. Don't have buyer's remorse know what you are purchasing!